About Us

CIMA Remote Education is the leading provider of cognitive behavioral classes and solution-focused education in the state of Colorado. Our company provides a sentencing alternative to all state and municipal courts no matter the region.  CIMA offers several Misdemeanor and Responsible Driving educational experiences, as well as offering Domestic Conflict Management, Anger Management, and Parenting Classes.

Our new curriculum providers have a combined 60 years of experience in curricula development, instructional design, and facilitation in Youth and Adult Corrections, Human Service departments, and corporate training. By utilizing this experience, Cima Remote Education will be able to provide research-based programs that will focus on your needs.

Cognitive-behavioral education (CBE) is among the more promising rehabilitative treatment for individuals who have become involved in the justice system. Cognitive behavioral education helps reduce the repetition of offenses (recidivism) in both juveniles and adults by focusing on changing patterns of behavior and thought about oneself and by teaching individuals how to communicate more effectively, avoid and manage conflict and make better decisions. Our mission is to help individuals become aware of the consequences of their decisions and to offer research-based alternatives to create positive outcomes and opportunities for each participant.

The CIMA Difference:

  • An interactive learning process that involves the participant in assessing their current behavior and connecting their values, attitudes, and behaviors to the positive life changes they are pursuing.
  • In our classes you will participate and discuss a wide variety of topics including The Decision Making Process, Theory of Change, Circle of Influence, Impact Mind Map, and Backwards Planning.
  • We use a research-based curriculum that will challenge participants to discover what they can change about their thoughts and beliefs.
  • Experienced facilitators who enjoy what they do, care about your success, and are committed to helping you find ways to meet your life goals.
  • Our programs are now live, virtually remote classes hosted on Zoom year-round.
  • Our class schedule enables you to complete your class within thirty to ninety days no matter your location or travel constraints.